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P.S. Glasgow

Paddle wheel tug operated by the Clyde Towing Co.; Model owned by Rex Harris, renovated and operated by Allen Kaye. [Other...


French shrimping boat, registered Guilvinec; model: Allen Kaye. [Other models of Allen Kaye]    [other MFV & Similar Models]

Harbour Tug

Harbour Tug, registered Warnemunde; model: Allen Kaye. [Other models of Allen Kaye]    [other Tug Models]

Happy Hunter

Dutch ocean-going salvage tug built for the Mammoet Maritime Company. Model: Allen Kaye; Kit: Robbe; Scale 1:50. [Other models of Allen...

Allen Kaye’s Models

Model’s Presently or Previously owned by Club member Allen Kaye for which we have photographs.  


Vliestroom, a buoy handling vessel. Model: Alan Ovenden. [Other models of Alan Ovenden]    [other Harbour Work Boats & Similar Models]


Tregeagle, tug boat, registered Fowey. Model: Alan Ovenden. [Other models of Alan Ovenden]    [other Tug Models]

Wet ‘n Wild

Classic Chris Craft speedboat; model: Ken Dyer. [Other models of Ken Dyer]    [other Speed Boat Models]