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Ken Dyer’s Models

Model’s Presently or Previously owned by Club member Ken Dyer for which we have photographs.  In July 2008, some of Ken’s models were...


Apparently Ralph constructed this tug for his young son… who is now middle-aged! Model: Ralph Stockton.

Rowing Girls

All controlled mechanically; model: Ralph Stockton. [Other models of Ralph Stockton]    [other Rowed or Paddled Models]

Rowed Lifeboat

Ralph Stockton’s rowed lifeboat. [Other models of Ralph Stockton]    [other Lifeboat Models]    [other Rowed or Paddled Models]

RNLB T. K. Wright

RNLB Thomas Kirk Wright, Poole Lifeboat; Model: Ralph Stockton. [Other models of Ralph Stockton]    [other Lifeboat Models]

P.S. Director

Paddle Steamer Tug; Model: Ralph Stockton. [Other models of Ralph Stockton]    [other Rowed or Paddled Models]    [other Tug Models]

Shelduck II

The Purbrook-Rossiter Shelduck was a small centre-plate cruising yacht with inboard motor. At only 18’4″ they had a surprisingly roomy cabin;...

Sea Nymphe

Blinky, a “Sea Nymphe” cabin cruiser; model: John Joughin (kit: Vintage Model Boat Company) [Other models of John Joughin]    [other Cabin...

MFV 693

A small MFV with navigation lights and an impressive haul of sharks! Model: John Joughin. [Other models of John Joughin]    [other...