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Ocean going yacht; model: Allan Read. [Other models of Allan Read]    [other Cruising Yacht Models]


A trading Brigantine buit 1875 on Prince Edward Island, Canada. Model: Allan Read, plank on frame hull, scratch built from plans....

Mascotte Cutter

The largest of the surviving Bristol Pilot Cutters “Mascotte” was built in 1904 and now cruises off NW Scotland; Allan Read’s...


Allan Read’s “Muimota” – an Italian ocean-going tug. [Other models of Allan Read]    [other Tug Models]

Ibex (BM27)

Brixham trawler; model: Allan Read. [Other models of Allan Read]    [other Sailing Ship Models]


An “Extreme Clipper” built in 1869 by Alexander Hall & Sons, Aberdeen, she proved a very fast ship but disappeared without...

Bluebird of Chelsea

Built in 1931 by Thornycrofts for Sir Malcolm Campbell, she was originally named Bluebird; Bluebird of Chelsea is her present name....

Ayton Cross

Wijsmuller harbour tug; Model: Allan Read. [Other models of Allan Read]    [other Tug Models]


  A semi-scale model (1:20) of a wishbone schooner c. 1935. Model Allan Read. [Other models of Allan Read]    [other Cruising Yacht Models]