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Italian steam tug boat;  kit: Mantua Models; model: Allan Read. [Other models of Allan Read]    [other Tug Models]

Allan Read’s Models

Model’s Presently or Previously owned by Club member Allan Read for which we have photographs.

Small Warship Model

A small stand-off scale model of a Canadian Destroyer once owned by the late Don Brazier but now commanded by Alan...


Sirius, a Robbe scale racing yacht owned by Alan Bond; if you hear cries of “Lee-ho” and “Starboard” you’ll know he’s...

RAF Launch 2754

RTTL (rescue and target towing launch) 2754; Model: Alan Bond. [Other models of Alan Bond]    [other Military Launch Models]

Alan Bond’s Pusher Tug

Alan Bond’s Pusher Tug

Pusher Tug (in build and built). Enlarged Springer based hull 25″x11″ with car heater blower motors driving twin 60mm props. Superstructure...

NQD Spurt

This is a conversion of an NQD ‘Spurt’ ready-to-run boat. The ‘toy’ 40Mhz radio gear has been replaced by ‘proper’ 27Mhz...

Fairey Huntsman

The Fairey Huntsman was built in 28′ and 31′ versions. The first 28′ version was bought by Billy Butlin in late...

Alan Bond’s Models

Model’s Presently or Previously owned by Club member Alan Bond for which we have photographs.