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Jim Wilder No. 2

Historic San Francisco Tug which, in the original, has a gas (i.e. petrol) engine. Model: Terry Spurge… “I chose this kit, because...


An inshore trawler; model: Terry Spurge…. “Susanne was built from plans, with scrap ply and balsa wood, in 1972. I’d like...

Anna 2

Anna 2, a 1/20th scale model of a modern 46ft offshore fishing boat; Kit: Aero Naut Model Boats. Model: Terry Spurge…....


Tomcat, highly manoeuvrable outboard powered RIB; model: Chris Chattaway (Ripmax ARTR kit). [Other models of Chris Chattaway]    [other Speed Boat Models]

Thunder Tiger MFV

Model: Chris Chattaway: “Catherine – Thunder Tiger ready to run (RTR) model; highly recommended for the non-modeller or someone new to the...


F-1 Tunnel Hull racer; Model: Ken Carter; Kit: Kyosho. [Other models of Ken Carter]    [other Speed Boat Models]

Pusher Tug

Pusher Tug, (in build when the photos were taken); model: Chris Chattaway. [Other models of Chris Chattaway]    [other Tug Models]

RNLI Inshore Rescue

“Spare Rib”! an RNLI Inshore Rescue Boat; Model: Ken Carter. [Other models of Ken Carter]    [other Lifeboat Models]

Outboard Cat

Ripmax Tomkat with a Kyosho outboard; Model: Ken Carter. [Other models of Ken Carter]    [other “Unusual” Models]

Jet Ski

Pesky things these! The two person one belonged to the late Peter Oram, and the other to Ken Carter (or possibly...