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RNLI Inshore Rescue

“Spare Rib”! an RNLI Inshore Rescue Boat; Model: Ken Carter. [Other models of Ken Carter]    [other Lifeboat Models]

Outboard Cat

Ripmax Tomkat with a Kyosho outboard; Model: Ken Carter. [Other models of Ken Carter]    [other “Unusual” Models]

Jet Ski

Pesky things these! The two person one belonged to the late Peter Oram, and the other to Ken Carter (or possibly...

Fairey Swordsman

The Swordsman was a classic Fairey Marine fast Cabin Cruiser. This was the largest of the production boats built by Fairey...

Blue Sailed Duplex 575

An original Duplex 575; Model: Ken Carter; Kit: Duplex Craft Company. [Other models of Ken Carter]    [other Cruising Yacht Models]


Vorspostenboot – a second World War German armed trawler; model: John Tye. [Other models of John Tye]    [other Warship Models]


MV Venture a modern fishing trawler built 1991; model: John Tye (scratch built from plans). [Other models of John Tye]    [other...

Motor Ketch

A ketch rigged Motor-sailer; model: John Tye. [Other models of John Tye]    [other Cruising Yacht Models]

HMS Bulldog

The Bulldog Class survey ships were smaller than the H Class which preceded them but were admired for their fine lines;...