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Girl in Dinghy

A saucy girl in a dinghy! Model: Ian Thompson [Other models of Ian Thompson]    [other “Unusual” Models] (Photos by David Hardy:)

DSC04295 © Ian Hardy 2017


Italian Steam Tug boat (with fuel barge); model: John Andrews. [Other models of John Andrews]    [other Tug Models] High resolution versions...



Cabin Cruiser; model David Hardy. [Other models of David Hardy]   [other Cabin Cruiser Models] Photos: Ian Hardy (view photos on Ian’s web...

RNLB Samarbeta

A Trent Class lifeboat stationed at Great Yarmouth and Gorleston Lifeboat Station. Model: Brian Rapley [Other models of Brian Rapley]   [other Lifeboat Models]...

DSC08929 © Peter Taylor 2017

Tin Tin

Cargo Ship. The model is constructed in metal! Model: Ken Dyer. [Other models of Ken Dyer]   [other Merchant Ship Models]

DSC08960 © Peter Taylor 2017

Joffre Tug

Joffre was built in 1916 specifically built for the coastal towing business. Fitted with two sets of towing hooks, an unusual...

MTB Perkasa

A Perkasa class patrol boat. The Perkasa Class were built for the Royal Malaysian Navy (P150 was the “Perkasa”). They were based on...