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Gentleman’s yacht from another era. Model: Greg Reid. [Other models of Greg Reid]    [other Classic Launch Models]  

Vundu (04)


Police Launch, based on a Rhodesian BSAP (British South Africa Police) launch based at Kariba (Kariba Harbour is on the Rhodesian,...

Peter Gargan's "Darth Vader?"! DSC06777.JPG

“Darth Vader”

I don’t quite know what this model is of, but I’ve called it “Darth Vader”! Not Peter Gargan’s usual style! [Other...

Despatch N9 (06)

Despatch N9

Despatch No 9, is a model of a US diesel river tug. This particular model is made by Lindberg (still available),...

Photo: John Tybjerg (DSCN0242)

Motor Tug Lowgarth

I have recently completed my model of the Mountfleet Models Motor Tug Lowgarth. The completed model is 37.5″ x 10.5″ and...

Le Sphinx

Le Sphinx, luxury motor yacht; model: Nick Leaper (kit: New Maquettes).  The New Maquettes kit suggests that this is a Dutch...