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HMS Mauritius

“My model of this Fiji Class Cruiser is a semi scratch built model which means the following: The model is based on...

HMS Lindisfarne

HMS Lindisfarne, an Island Class Offshore Patrol Vessel launched in 1977. [Other models of Dave Reith]    [other Warship Models]

HMS Clyde

HMS Clyde is a Rivers Class patrol vessel permanently stationed in the Faulkland Islands, the model can be equipped with Merlin,...

Uncle Sam

New York Harbour steam paddle wheel tug from 1849; model: John Tybjerg (scratch built on “Models by Design” hull). [Other models...


Thor, harbour tug; model: John Tybjerg. [Other models of John Tybjerg]    [other Tug Models]


Sirius, a side-trawl shrimping boat registered at Dorum in northern Germany; kit: Krick, model: John Tybjerg. [Other models of John Tybjerg]...


Coastal Cargo ship; model: John Tybjerg (kit: Billings). [Other models of John Tybjerg]    [other Merchant Ship Models]


Ocean going tug built by Robb Caledon (Shipbuilders) Leith for United Towing Ltd. Hull; model: John Tybjerg [Other models of John...


The ‘Highlander’ is a Mountfleet Models Clyde Puffer, or West Highland Coaster to give it its formal name. Model: John Tybjerg...

Ben Ain

Single hatch steam coaster, launched 1924; model: John Tybjerg [Other models of John Tybjerg]    [other Merchant Ship Models]