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6m Racing Yacht

A 6m racing yacht with fully battened mainsail. Model: Cliff Newell. [Other models of Cliff Newell]    [other Racing Yacht Models]

Puddle Duck

A small gaff rigged cruising yacht. Model: John Joughin. [Other models of John Joughin]    [other Cruising Yacht Models]

Speedboat 315

A classic model of a powerful inboard motored speedboat. The people and the motor are all “borrowed” from the model aircraft...

HMAFV Halifax

Her Majesty’s Air Force Vessel Halifax was a Rescue and Target Towing Launch in service until around 1986. Model: Greg Reid....

Photo: Peter Taylor 2016


Ketch; model by Jacob Roth… “I bought the Ketch in 1985 (my wife actually bought it for my birthday), when we...