Jeffries RC Yacht Trophy

Jeffries RC Yacht TrophyThis is the oldest of the club trophies and was presented in 1974 by Mr. C.R. (Bob) Jeffries a founder member of the club. At that time the club was known as the New Forest Model Yacht Club and following a drying out of Setley lake during 1976 the club moved to a new sailing water at Ringwood. Friction within the members led to the club being split and the offshoot members returning to Setley lake in 1978 as the Solent R/C MYC. The trophy remained at the New Forest club until it went out of existence in the 1980’s.

Some years later efforts were made by Bob Jeffries to locate the trophy and it was eventually returned to the Solent club and sailed for as an annual Marblehead match racing event starting 1987. It remained so until 1991 when, owing to the increasing popularity of the International One Metre Class, it became a One Metre match racing event. More recently it has been sailed for as an International One Metre day event trophy.

The gap in years in the winners list represents the time between the demise of the New Forest Club and the return of the trophy to the SRCMYC.

From 1974 to 1980:    Marblehead, New Forest Sailing Club

From 1981 to 1986:    No record

From 1987 to 1990:    Marblehead Match Racing Trophy

From 1991 to 200?:    International One Metre Match Racing Trophy

From 200? ongoing:   International One Metre Day Event

Year Winner Year Winner Year Winner
1974 J.W.O.Cleave 1975 J.W.O.Cleave 1976 D.J.Waugh
1977 T.P.Fuller 1978 R.Belding 1979 T.P.Fuller
1980 D.J.Easter 1987 A.W.Ford 1988 N.A.Woodwen
1989 (no water) 1990 (no water) 1991 H.Bates
1992 I.Copsey 1993 W.G.Newton 1994 T.Baker
1995 A.Cross 1996 W.G.Newton 1997 I.Copsey
1998 I.Copsey 1999 P.Dawson 2000 I.Copsey
2001 M.W.Houlton 2002 A.W.Ford 2003 M.W.Houlton
2004 ? 2005 ? 2006 M.W.Houlton
2007 Peter Dawson 2008 Bob Hoare 2009 Robin Clabburn
2010 Robin Clabburn 2011 (pond frozen) 2012 ?
2013 Martin Houlton 2014 Alan Maynard 2015 ?
2016  Robin Clabburn 2017  John Tufnall 2018  Dick Jobbins
2019  Hugh Bates 2020  Not Sailed (covid) 2021  John Martin
2022  John Martin 2023   2024  
2025   2026   2027  

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