About the Club (SRCMYC / SRCMBC)

Setley Pond on a Scale Section day

Setley Pond


The Solent Radio Controlled Model Yacht Club has its sailing waters at Setley Pond (click for map) located in the New Forest just south of Brockenhurst. The pond is co-located with a Picnic Area and model boaters can park directly adjacent to the water. We share the pond with the New Forest ponies and cattle that come to drink, and the herons and cormorants who come to eat!

Model Yacht sailing at Setley Pond dates back to 1972. The Sailing Section of the “Solent Radio Controlled Yacht Club” was founded in 1978 with the primary purpose of model yacht racing. The Scale Section was established in 1980 with an interest in all scale model boats, both motor and sail. Nowadays the two sections of the Club are run separately but in close collaboration. The Scale Section of the Club is known as the “Solent Radio Control Model Boat Club”.

Note that the use of radio controlled boats, cars and aircraft (including drones) is not allowed in the New Forest without specific permission. The Club pays a fee to the Forestry Commission which allows us to use Setley Pond for model boating provided we adhere to agreed conditions.

photo of racing at Setley

Yacht Racing at Setley Pond

Sailing Section: The Model Yacht Racing Section of the club has the use of the lake on Saturdays and Tuesdays, and on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings.

We race International One Metre (IOM), 6 Metre, DF 95 and America’s Cup (AC) yachts. Information and Contact details for the Sailing Section are available on the Sailing Section pages of this web site.

The Sailing Section is affiliated to the Model Yachting Association.

Club Scale Section

The pond on a Scale Model day

Scale Section: The Scale Model Section (known as the Solent Radio Control Model Boat Club) meets on Thursday and Sunday mornings at about 0930am throughout the year (weather permitting) with the pond available for use throughout those days, and scale members are also able to use the pond from about 1300 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. A very friendly welcome is extended to all visitors. The models range from rowing boats to liners and from sailing dinghies to square rigged ships (but note that fast electric racing boats or IC boats are not allowed by the Forestry Commission Regulations).

The Scale Section has a membership of over 120 modellers with new members joining all the time. Before the covid-19 pandemic we held annual exhibitions in the Highcliffe and Milford-on-Sea area, typically there were over 70 boats on display and each might raise several hundred pounds for various Club charities. Unfortunately these have been suspended due to Covid, but the club intends to re-establish local exhibitions in future. Our members have also displayed their models at other clubs and exhibitions.

Anyone interested in starting the hobby or joining the club is welcome to come along to the lake on a club morning. To get in touch with the Scale Section please see our Contact page where you can obtain an application form.