Solent Radio Control Model Boat Club Scale Section

Club Scale Section

The pond on a Scale Model day

The Solent Radio Control Model Boat Club is the Scale Model Section of the Club. We meet on Thursday and Sunday mornings at about 7am to 7pm throughout the year (weather permitting), with the pond available for for use throughout those days, and scale members are also able to use the pond from about 1pm to 7pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  A very friendly welcome is extended to all visitors. The models range from rowing boats to liners and from sailing dinghies to square rigged ships (but note that fast electric racing boats or IC boats are not allowed by the Forestry Commission Regulations).

The Scale Section has a membership of over 120 modellers with new members joining all the time. Before the covid-19 pandemic we held annual exhibitions in the Highcliffe and Milford-on-Sea area, typically there were over 70 boats on display and each might raise several hundred pounds for various Club charities.These activities had to be suspended due to Covid, but the Club have now re instated our yearly exhibition and from 2023 onwards, events have been reinstated at Setley Pond.  See the events calendar for a list of recent and planned events.

Our members also display their models at other clubs and exhibitions.

Anyone interested in starting the hobby or joining the club is welcome to come along to the lake on a club morning.  To get in touch with the Scale Section or to obtain a Membership Application form please see our Contact page.