Darracq Tankard

Darracq TankardPresented by Mr C.R.Jeffries as a fun trophy to be awarded to the winning team in the annual Solent/Ryde (I.o.W.) Marblehead spring meeting at Setley. The actual year of presentation is uncertain but winners were first recorded in 1984. The Ryde Club provided a glass tankard for the return Ryde/Solent autumn meeting but as it is the property of the Ryde Club it does not feature in this record. The competition was disbanded following the 1999 event.

Year Winner Year Winner Year Winner
1984 Ryde 1985 Ryde 1986 Solent
1987 Solent 1988 Solent 1989 Solent
1990 Solent 1991 Solent 1992 (no contest)
1993 Solent 1994 Solent 1995 Solent
1996 Solent 1997 Solent 1998 Solent
1999 Ryde 2000 (not awarded)  

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