Fairmile “D” Hull (from Pete Woodward)

fairmile sm

NOW SOLD: Fairmile ‘D’ circa WW2 MTB: Kingston Mouldings hull & ancillaries – price £240

This is a great opportunity to buy one of the last Fairmile hulls from the recently closed Kingston Mouldings, a renowned model hull manufacturer of the highest quality and standards, the hull was previously purchased for circ £140.

Including in this package is; a set of detailed plans (about £18), a set of four G.T Sitek: prop-shafts, props, V brackets and rudders (about £158) and a John Lambert hard cover book titled Anatomy of the ship – The Fairmile ‘D’ MTB – (£25) which provides detailed scaled fold out plans of the Fairmile, with detailed plans of the boat equipment and its individual component parts. The package cost price was £341 without postage; therefore £240 is an absolute bargain and opportunity. The package is to be sold as a complete bundle and as seen.

All enquiries:  Pete Woodward – Mobile no: 075 9313 2528. Buyer picks up north Poole or at a pre-arranged club Sunday meeting at Setley pond.

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