IOM Summer Race 5 : 02 July 2024

IOM sum 24 race 05
Apart from the lack of sunshine, the weather was good today. When we arrived in the car park we had a moderate northerly, possibly considering a B rig.
Welcome back to the pond to Derek, first sail this year. We had a good fleet of eight boats, amazingly all were on the water by 10:05, this included both Nigel and Graham! We managed a 10:10 start and largely completed the first race before the wind did its characteristic fade at 10:15.
Normally mark 3 gives skippers a hard time, today it was mark 5, the end of the finishing line. John M, Martin, Robin and Bryan managed to hit it, or go the wrong side of it, all losing places at the end of races.
Race wins went to John M, Martin, Nigel and Hugh. Congrats to John M for winning the day with Martin 2nd and Robin 3rd.
A personal thanks to Hugh who has upgraded the anchor line on the marks. My boat got caught on mark 4 and came free very quickly afterwards, I only lost a couple of places. The change appears to be working well – thanks Hugh!

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