Brian Severn’s Models for Sale

(Click on the thumbnails above to enlarge, and also to see photos of the models on Setley Pond and, in some cases, Brian’s notes about the model.)

Scale Captain Charles Chambers writes:

I recently visited Mrs. Brenda Severn to photograph her late husbands models so that they can be offered for sale. I know Brian was known to a number of the long-standing members of the Club and his models may be familiar to you?

All the models are scratch built in wood using the plank on frame method, they are highly detailed with interiors. Brian was an engineer by profession so certain parts of the builds are very intricate. For example the paddle wheels on the two paddle steamers are made of metal and are “feathering”. They all have electric motors installed (some with twin set ups), although the radio control electronics are dated (27MHz/40MHz) and would probably require replacing.

Brian spent many years designing and then building a twin cylinder steam plant for the Duchess of Kent paddle steamer, I don’t know if it has been run but it is a wonderful piece of engineering in it’s own right. The steam plant and paddle steamer are to be sold together since this would make a great project and complete the vision that he obviously had.

It is fair to say that they are all in need of cleaning, TLC and in some cases restoration as Brian passed away over two years ago and due to his illness the models were untouched for several years prior to then.

The models are in Redlynch near Salisbury for viewing and purchase. I have indicated guide prices for each model based on my experience, condition and the model desirability.  Cash is the preferred form of payment.

Feel free to contact me for further information…

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