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Site AdminJuly 13, 2024The Club have decided on a new date for Navy Day, its now Sunday 4th August at Setley Pond 9.30 onwards. Please bring your own tables, to exhibit your boats, as club tables are limited and put the date on your calendars. So weather permitting we will see everyone then. [...]
Site AdminJune 21, 2024Scale Section Sail Day at Setley Pond starts at 9.30am on Sunday 23rd June.   The Club  have decided the event will be going ahead, the water level is now manageable and the car park is fully usable, so we are now dependant on the weather. Therefore it will be left to members to decided whether they wish to attend or not.  Hopefully the weather will be kind to us; its June I thought it should be sunny and warm, and not blowing a force 10! Hope to see you there.. Lorna [...]
Site AdminMay 11, 2024The Club have decided to cancel Navy Day due to be held on 19th May due to the high water level in the pond. The photos below show that at present much of the pond-side car park is still under water and the club feel that, even with the nice weather we are having at present, it will not reduce the water sufficiently to be able to hold the event safely and without members having to sit in the water! So with regret Navy Day has been postponed, once a new date has been decided the club will advise members. [...]
Site AdminApril 16, 2024


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Site AdminFebruary 29, 2024Club Member David Reith took these photos at Setley Pond today, the 29th February 2024.  And guess what… more rain is forecast! The pond has now extended over the banks which are very slippery with sudden drops into deep water. These drops are hidden by the water, do not paddle!  Great care is needed in the vicinity of the pond. Click on the images below to enlarge. [...]
Site AdminJanuary 14, 2024On the 26th December each year the Club surrenders it’s use of Setley Pond in favour of the traditional Boxing Day “Setley Cup Races” which are organised by the Lymington sailing clubs.  You can read all about the 2023 event on the Yachts and Yachting web site. [...]
Site AdminJuly 6, 2023With regard to our Permit to use the Pond  from Forestry England please note the following Rules: Access is now permitted from 07.00 to 19.00 The Rule of 12 remains in place i.e. maximum of 12 boats on the water at any one time. No additional structures or buoys can be placed in the Pond All Vehicles to be parked in designated car parks Please drive slowly to preserve the road Anything brought with you take home No smoking or lighting of fires All members to carry some form of medicine box (a lot of cars come with one, if not a small First Aid Kit is available from most chemists). Forestry England will be monitoring the use of the Pond from time to time. New Information signs have been put up please have a quick read. Committee Members will have a copy of the Permit in their cars when visiting the Pond in case we are asked for proof of use – please refer any such contact to a member of the Committee. [...]
Lorna SoffeApril 6, 2023The Club are advising all members that the road to Setley Pond is now open, it was inspected this morning and cars are now allowed to use the road and Car Park, though the Forestry have said if the weather gets bad and the track deteriorates they may have to close the Road again.   [...]


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The club has been given this partly built static model of the Thermopylae. Its free to a good home, have been assured all the bits are there. If anyone interested please contact Lorna on 01425 615305 or email [...]
    Laser Racing yacht model, 3 sets of sails, Radio included. £250 Contact:  Scale Captain on behalf of a Member. [...]
(Click on the thumbnails above to enlarge, and also to see photos of the models on Setley Pond and, in some cases, Brian’s notes about the model.) Scale Captain Charles Chambers writes: I recently visited Mrs. Brenda Severn to photograph her late husbands models so that they can be offered for sale. I know Brian was known to a number of the long-standing members of the Club and his models may be familiar to you? All the models are scratch built in wood using the plank on frame method, they are highly detailed with interiors. Brian was an engineer by profession so certain parts of the builds are very intricate. For example the paddle wheels on the two paddle steamers are made of metal and are “feathering”. They all have electric motors installed (some with twin set ups), although the radio control electronics are dated (27MHz/40MHz) and would probably require replacing. Brian spent many years designing and then building a twin cylinder steam plant for the Duchess of Kent paddle steamer, I don’t know if it has been run but it is a wonderful piece of engineering in it’s own right. The steam plant and paddle steamer are to be sold together since this would make a great project and complete the vision that he obviously had. It is fair to say that they are all in need of cleaning, TLC and in some cases restoration as Brian passed away over two years ago and due to his illness the models were untouched for several years prior to then. The models are in Redlynch near Salisbury for viewing and purchase. I have indicated guide prices for each model based on my experience, condition and the model desirability.  Cash is the preferred form of payment. Feel free to contact me for further information… [...]
Used only a few times at Setley Pond, this remote controlled replica of the Wyeforce tug is great fun. Features: Control room with light Chimneys with smoke function Search/ signal light on top Pair of lights at back Metal propeller 2 x 280 motors Electronic speed control Stand included Length 560mm Width 195mm Height 285mm Price: £125 o.n.o. Please call me if interested 07887 498488 Thank you, Lucy Marky [...]