Scale Section New Photo Galleries


New menu page for Photos indexed by Club Member

Access to the SRCMBC Photo galleries

The Scale Section photograph albums for present Club Members have now all been transferred to the new web site. Albums for past Club Exhibitions and other historic Club Events will be transferred during the coming months.  Those albums, and albums for previous Club Members can be reached through the  “Legacy Pages” .

Photos indexed by model type page

New index page for photos by model type

The SRCMBC videos (which are on hosted YouTube) are all available via this new web site.  The list of them starts on this page and continues over several following pages. There are links from the photo albums which have been transferred to the corresponding video pages.

Transferring all the albums has been a major under-taking and I am bound to have made errors. If anything does not seem to work properly please tell me – I can’t check everything!

Peter Taylor (Site Admin), August 2016….