Titanic and the Iceberg

Titanic meets the Iceberg on 15th April 2012 some 250 miles south of Halifax (Yorkshire). Our most viewed and possibly most controversial movie with (in November 2022) over 7.9 million views!

Peter Taylor writes:

“When, in 2012,  Edward Coombs said he would be bringing his model of the Titanic to Setley Pond to mark the Titanic centenary,  other club members secretly decided to build an “iceberg”. I was supposed to video the event. However on the day it was very windy and with the Titanic model in danger of being capsized by the wind, the two models were only on the pond for a very short time. Faced with too little video footage for a standard movie, I spent an afternoon creating a spoof “Silent Movie” of the event. I never expected it to be viewed by so many people”.

Titanic model: Edward Coombs (son of club member Richard Coombs).

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