Peter Taylor’s “Riva” Speedboat

A Proboat Ready-To-Run “Volere 22” speedboat. Experience being onboard a Riva on Setley Pond!
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Filming Bardot II on Setley pond

For this and other videos taken on board the models I used an Olympus “Tough TG-610” camera which is waterproof to 5m depth and shockproof. The front seat was removed from the model and the camera attached to a tripod screw through a wooden mount which was screwed down to the cockpit floor instead of the seat. The camera was only slightly heavier than the seat but it did raise the centre of gravity a little.

Since the cockpit floor was only held in place by magnets and insulating tape, a safety line was taken through the back hatch and tied to the servo mount. A line was also attached to the back hatch! The camera was set to focus just above the windshield.

I was worried that the camera might destabilise the boat in high speed turns and cause it to capsize. I was therefore wearing a wet suit during the filming so that if needed I could dive into the pond and, hopefully, rescue the model and camera before they sank. However the boat proved perfectly stable under all conditions.


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