HMS Mauritius

HMS Mauritius, Cruiser; Model : David Reith

“My model of this Fiji Class Cruiser is a semi scratch built model which means the following:

The model is based on a GRE Hull purchased from Fleetscale and is at 1/128 scale (approx. 52” in length). The remaining components are self built from plastic card and self made resin fittings etc. The model did take nearly 5 years to complete as there’s very little info on this ship. The drawing that Fleetscale supply with there hull is for HMS Gambia and is not a good drawing for a beginner or advanced modeller. My model was based on 5 years of research , a lot of pictures from the web. The Imperial War Museum do have ships builders drawing for sale, but at the time I was making the model, the cost from the museum was £700-900.

Fleetscale, JHR Haines and Quaycraft do some limited fittings,  like doors, lockers, ships boats, main gun turrets, and secondary weapons.

There is a video on the club web site ( Events 2017: RC Warships with Super Scale Detail ) which shows close up views of the model (starting at about 9 minutes 53 seconds). Also there are more pictures on the Surface Warship Association web site of my model.”

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