NQD Admiral

NQD Admiral; Model: Peter Taylor; Photo © Peter Taylor (2010)

Peter Taylor’s conversion of an inexpensive NQD model by installation of “proper” radio gear and proportional speed control.

NQD is a Chinese firm that produces inexpensive versions of (mainly) Japanese models. This copy of a Kyosho twin hull power boat came with a “pistol” style on/off transmitter operating somewhere in the 27MHz band controlling two “530” size motors. I’ve now installed a 2.4GHz Spectrum AR500 receiver, two Mtronics 25A ESC’s, and a 9.6V 4.6Ah NiMH battery. On Ray Hellicar’s advice the latter is positioned in the bow section so that the boat planes level and the propellers are surface piercing. At present steering is solely by control of the twin props.

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