HMS Lancaster

HMS Lancaster, frigate; model: David McNair Taylor.

Type 23 Frigate; Model: David McNair Taylor; Scratch built on Fleetscale hull.

David’s Comments: “The model is of the Type 23 Frigate currently in service. The ship has stealth design with a 7 degree angle to the superstructure etc. ( a challenge in building) giving the ship the radar signature of a small fishing vessel. She is armed with a 4.8” Rapid fire gun, vertical launch “Sea Wolf” surface to air missiles, “Sea Harpoon” surface to surface missiles, 2 x 30mm cannon and two sets of twin torpedo tubes. HMS Lancaster was the first Type 23 to carry the EH101 Merlin Helicopter.

“The model is built on a Fleetscale GRP hull, with some Sirmar fittings; the rest is scratch built using plastic card sheet, brass rod, etc. etc. She has JJC sound modules for main gun, siren, sonar and Gas Turbine, twin screws with individual speed controls and Prop Shop five blade brass props. Scale is 1/96.”

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