HMS Phoebe

HMS Phoebe, Leander Class Frigate; Model: David McNair-Taylor.

Leander Class Frigate; Model: David McNair Taylor; Scratch built; Scale 1:60.

David’s Comments: “My 1/72 scale model of this fine looking ship was built some 30 odd years ago whilst the ship was currently in service and playing the role of HMS Hero in the BBC television drama series “Warship”. The model uses a GRP tank test hull used for the Leander class ship development, she has had radio and sound effects replaced as the originals died. The biggest repair was following a major disaster at the lakeside when she fell off my table and landed upside down!!!! She is a scratch build and has working stabilisers linked to the rudders to ease the “roll in high speed turns”. The model shows the ship in her original form with a twin 4.5″ gun, Sea Cat Launcher, Limbo mortar and Wasp helicopter.”
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Photos by David Hardy, Navy Day 2016
Photos by Peter Taylor 2006 – 2014

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