RNLB Alice Upjohn

RNLB Alice Upjohn; Model: David McNair-Taylor.
David McNair-Taylor - RNLI Model Tribute

Movie: RNLI Model Tribute

In service from 1976 to 1992 as the Dungeness Lifeboat, a 37ft (bp) ‘Rother’ Class Lifeboat; Model: David McNair-Taylor; Kit: Metcalfe Moldings; Scale 1:12.

David’s Comments: “Constructed from a David Metcalf kit with very little modification; powered by two 777 motors running on 6 volts. Scale of 1/12, figures modified and constructed from model soldiers from the local market. The model is of The Alice Upjohn, based at Dungeness and one of the last “Rothers” to leave the RNLI: then sold on to New Zealand and renamed Tally Rescue.”

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