Fairey Swordsman

Fairey Swordsman; Model: Ray Hellicar; Photo © Peter Taylor (2007 - 2008)

The Swordsman was the largest of the production boats built by Fairey Marine. Initially 33′ long and with a beam of 11′ 5″, they came in either an aft cabin or open cockpit version. Like the Huntress and Huntsman 28 they were also available in kit form or as a hull only if required. In the middle of the production Faireys introduced an upgraded version called the Super Swordsman along with 4 stretched versions at 38′ and 42′ in length. Model: Ray Hellicar.

Ray’s comments: “This 34” fibreglass hulled Swordsman was originally built as a diesel powered boat but had been damaged requiring a new cabin/cockpit installation. Whilst refinishing the boat I realigned the propshaft for higher efficiency.

“The drive system for the new build is a water cooled Graupner 700 turbo 9.6 volt motor driving the realigned propshaft and a plastic 35 SR Two bladed carbon reinforced propellor. The batteries are either 2 x 6 cell (14.4V NiMH ) or 14.4V Lipo 5000 mAh. The later being faster and of course more expensive.

“This boat is now a very fast sports cruiser that can be used “with care” in all but the worst wind/water conditions, as it tends to be destabilised by strong cross winds when in a turn. But isn’t that the fun and reasoning behind building fast boats.”

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