Peggy, Herring Drifter; model: John Cooper.

A North Sea Herring Drifter built in Aberdeen in 1907.  Kit: Caldercraft; Scale: 1:24.

Model: John Cooper: “One sight of Mike Hammonds  Peggy (now owned by Peter Taylor) and I was hooked. Fitted with two 12V 7Ah batteries for ballast and the JJC smoke unit, navigation and deck lights controlled from the transmitter. Sails beautifully and always looks good on the water.

“The original was built in 1907 by Hall and Russel of Aberdeen for the Duncan family of Peterhead. During the First World War, Peggy was used by the Admiralty as an Admirals barge. She was also used in laying a cable from Peterhead to Russia for the British and Russian governments.”

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