Tenacity, tug; model: Roger Yeatman.

Ocean going tug; model: Roger Yeatman. Roger comments: “I have now sorted out the many problems with the refurbished Deep Sea Tug “Tenacity” which included flooding and drive shaft misfits. Fitted a larger diameter prop shaft and tightened up sterngear generally. Stripped down hull to plank scantline found long storage had dried out many strakes. Caulked a bad leak forward and sealed all leaking seams with 2 part Resin slow and fast Resin bondage. Undercoated, primer coat and gloss boot topping. Thoroughly tank tested and after-deck freeing ports closed and sealed with mica. Raised after-deck coaming 6mm and fitted releasing clips to cope with stern drag. Hopefully with higher rating power unit performance will improve with further tests.”

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