Roy Evans Memorial Trophy

Roy Evans Memorial TrophyPresented to the club in 1986 by Mrs. Doreen Evans in memory of her husband Roy. As Roy’s main interest was in the R36R class, and in view of the fact that he mostly sailed at the midweek meetings, Mrs Evans requested that one Tuesday each year be set aside on the midweek sailing programme for an R36R racing event at the conclusion of which the winner be presented with the trophy by – if possible – Mrs Evans.

Mrs Evans agreed that, if at some future date the R36R class was no longer sailed by the club, the trophy could be put to some other use. It was thought, at one time, that Mrs Evans did not wish the winners names engraved on the trophy but this was later found to be incorrect and in 1992 the trophy was engraved with the dates and names of all previous winners.

The Trophy up to 2016 was presented to the top Solent Radio Control Model Yacht Club skipper taking part in the Metropolitan and Southern District R36R Open event.

Since 2019 the Roy Evans Memorial Trophy has been sailed for by the 6M Class as a day event.


Year Winner Year Winner Year Winner
1986 J.Fry 1987 A.Ford 1988 A.Ford
1989 R.Hoare 1990 R.Hoare 1991 W.W.Wright
1992 I.Copsey 1993 I.Copsey 1994 N.Woodwell
1995 A.Ford 1996 R.Hoare 1997 S.Bennett
1998 R.Hoare 1999 N.Woodwell 2000 A.Ford
2001 J.Harding 2002 A.Ford 2003 G.Blewett
2004 ? 2005 ? 2006 Bob Hoare
2007 Peter Dawson 2008 Martin Houlton 2009 Alan Ford
2010 Martin Houlton 2011 Martin Houlton 2012 Mike Rostance
2013 Shaun Harris 2014 Shaun Harris 2015 Martin Houlton
2016 Robin Clabburn Dick Jobbins 2017 Dick Jobbins 2018 Robin Clabburn
2019  Robin Clabburn 2020  Not Sailed (covid) 2021  Not sailed
2022  Robin Clabburn 2023  Robin Clabburn 2024  
2025   2026   2027  


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