Qwyver – Cruising yacht

Qwyver, offshore yacht

“Qwyver” is a scale model of the Wauquiez 40 Pilot Saloon (same name) in which John and Freda spent 6 years cruising gently round the world – a perfect retirement project.  The name was chosen to look unusual because few people in England (or America) find “Wauquiez” easy to read or pronounce.  In fact, Qwyver is a 14th C spelling of quiver as in arrows and I believe that it is still valid for certain word games!

The model is scratch built from a basic set of lines drawings and with the help of a tape measure.  Balsa planks are covered in GRP as usual, and the keel is scale which makes it a bit tender but it generally sails well, needing only a small rudder extension to have good balance and handling.  The hull is as accurate as my limited skill allows but the rig relies on commercial bits, and of course cannot carry the big genoa of the full sized boat.  One day I hope to find a suitable oval groovy mast section and will set to work on a good rig copy.

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