New top Menu for Site

new menu
You have probably already noticed that the web site has new Menus forming part of the top banner. There are two reasons for this:

Firstly,  to make navigation easier when viewing the site using a mobile phone. Using a phone you will only see the “Shortcut” menu which has been kept brief but which still allows access to the whole site (via the “About” menu item). Using a computer you can either use the “Shortcut” menu, or you can use the “Full Menu” to go to specific parts of the web site. Using a tablet (e.g. an iPad) what you see will either be like a phone or a computer depending on the size of your screen.

For searching the web site the top “Shortcut” menu has a search box (click on the magnifying glass) which is always available whether you are viewing the site using a computer or a phone.

Secondly, I hope it will be easier to find and view the latest items on the site – whether they be news items, photos of scale members models, sailing section results, or whatever. The top “Shortcut” menu allows you to see the latest posts in a chosen category; or you can use the “Quick Look” pages from the lower, “Full Menu” to see all the new posts for your section of the Club.

Comments or suggestions regarding the new layout are very welcome. If you are logged in you can use the comment form (below) or, logged in or not, you can always email me at ,

Thanks! Peter Taylor (site admin).



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