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New Milton resident Robert Townsend writes: “After 4 years building and a few years sailing her I am selling Erebus. Hull is GRP and the accomodation is a combination of 3mm ply, balsa and plastic card. Her two shafts are driven by 2 torpedo DC motors via 20 amp speed controllers. Propellers are brass. A 12v 7aH Battery feeds motors and receiver and the steering servo which controls a double ganged set of rudders. R/C is 5 channel 2.4 Ghz. Fully working. Erebus is 143cm (56″) in length from stern to bow. 22cm (8.7″) wide with 11cm (4.3″) draft. Ballasted by 2 lead acid batteries and lead flashing. I am based in New Milton in Hampshire.”

Price: £350 cash.

Contact: Rob Townsend; email:; mobile: 079 5435 0196


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