Vintage Cargo Boat – Free for renovation

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I have a model cargo vessel built about 60 years ago which is gathering dust in my garage and needs some TLC and a good home.

It is not to any scale that I can see being 100 cms long with 11 cms beam and a draft of about 6 cms including a central keel.  It is built in balsa I think with three cargo holds, a bell battery powered variable speed motor, port and starboard lights and a fixed steering gear system which can be adjusted but not radio controlled.  In fact there is enough space for radio control to be fitted.

Because it has been stored for so long, the cotton representing the derrick chains etc is very fragile and I know it has a leak and a couple of other minor repairs are needed.

So whilst I understand that your club is about scale models I just wondered if any of the junior members might be interested.

It is free to a good home or with a donation to Julia’s House charity. I live in Christchurch but am very happy to deliver.

Contact: David Tozer



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