Free Offer: “The Beast”

Having had various unsatisfactory offers for his model of the John Fitch paddle boat, “The Beast”, Mike Sheppard is now offering the model to Club members “free to a good home”! It will need collecting from near Haverfordwest in South Wales*. The model is just under 5 foot in length and weighs about 50lbs. It is fully functional with motor, radio transmitter, a stand and two wheel trolley. To avoid breakages, it needs two people place it in water. In operation the model provides a unique and entertaining sight… watch the video which was filmed at Setley Pond!

*(if a SRCMBC member is interested in owning the model but unable to collect it, I may be able to arrange for its collection – Peter Taylor )

The model is based on the first paddle steamboat designed by John Fitch in 1786 in the USA. Twelve vertical oars were connected to a steam engine in such a way that they dipped in the water for a stroke and were then lifted out and carried forwards for the next stroke. A photo of this model is displayed in the John Fitch Steamboat Museum in Warminster, Pennsylvania, USA. John Fitch later developed a cargo carrying paddle steamboat with stern mounted paddles.

Price: …see above

Please contact Mike on 01437 760021 if you would like more information

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