Boxing Day 2019

Boxing Day in 2013, a different time!

We have received the following from Luke McEwen:

“I have volunteered to run the traditional model yacht race for children on Boxing Day at Setley Pond.  I hope as in previous years that this will not inconvenience your members.

If any of your members’ kids would like to participate, they are very welcome.  The racing is scheduled to start at 11:00 and the rules are:

  • Max length overall: 66cm
  • Sails must fit into a rectangle 100cm x 50cm (can be rearranged to fit e.g. turning jib upside down)
  • No stored power, which rules out batteries, radio control, rockets etc.
  • Boats must be launched for each race by a child
  • There are separate starts for monohulls and multihulls”

The Boxing Day event has been a tradition for many years and draws large crowds to the pond. This year it falls on a Thursday so the normal Scale Section day is cancelled. However members might like to go along and view the event… it’s yacht racing, but not as we know it!

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