HMS Argonaut

20191229 112630 © John Edwards 2019

HMS Argonaut was the last built of the anti aircraft cruisers of the Dido class (length 512 ft, beam 50ft, five twin turrets 5.25 calibre). She was completed in 1942 and the model (1:96 scale) depicts her as she was at the time of her first speed trials. After a period of escorting Arctic convoys, she was transferred to the Mediterranean and subsequently torpedoed fore and aft. After reconstruction in the USA lasting many months, she took part in the bombardment of German positions for the D Day landings and was again hit and damaged by one of the shore batteries. After a period in reserve she was scrapped in 1955.

The model is scratch built from original builders plans, has four working shafts, and features a smoke unit as well as, from the Scalewarship company, gun controllers that allow for realistic rotation and elevation. The photos were taken on Setley Pond at the end of December 2019.

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