IOM Sailing – 30th March onward


Time is now upon us to recommence our IOM sailing on the 30th March. We will be running the sailing in the same way as we did when we were last under the Rule of 6 so here are the fundamentals:-

Not a  ‘first come first served’ mad scramble!

As before, please email each week if you wish to sail, at any time before midnight on the Sunday before and I will circulate the sailing lists as soon as I can the next day. Ongoing, priority will be given to those have not sailed for the longest time with no regard to ability, status or any reason!. We start with a clean sheet on Week One and names will be drawn out of the metaphorical hat – aka the Random Number App on my Phone – which will be used at any time we have people with an equal claim to sail. It worked well last time round and seemed to be universally accepted.  Apply by midnight Saturday 27th March to sail Tuesday 30th March.  Those who have already applied do not need to apply again.

Mornings and Afternoons

Please state clearly whether you prefer to sail in the Morning or the Afternoon or if you don’t mind. In the interests of giving maximum opportunity to everyone else to sail, it helps if you choose the latter option (Don’t Mind).

Morning first start – 1015 hrs, last start before 1215 hrs

Afternoon first start – 1400 hrs, last start before 1600 hrs

Scoring and Results

There are no points series or trophy races whilst we are sailing under the Rule of 6. Previously we just raced as normal, but didn’t record the results and we will do the same again. This helps reduce the time between races and increases Covid safety. No need, therefore, to bring your own pen and paper for recording results.


Just because the races are not being scored, it doesn’t mean that the rules don’t apply! This is a non-contact sport and we are all expected to abide by the rules at all times.

The Starting Box

Hugh kindly looks after the single box that serves both IOM and DF95 classes and does his best to ensure that it is available as often as possible. However, we need to accept that when both morning and afternoon sailing is taking place, the box is unlikely to be available for both sessions.

Comply with the SRCMYC Covid Protocol

Nigel has put together a comprehensive Protocol whilst we are sailing under Government Protocol Regulations. This has been agreed with Forestry England and is a fundamental part of our licence to use the Pond. Please play your part in complying with it.

See you at the Pond!”

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