New: Pilot Boat, Fishing Vessel, Motor Cruiser – from Roger Yeatman


Lulworth Range Safety Boat

Pilot Boat ” Vandyke” with two superstructures .. one as the Nelson 42 Pilot Boat (see above) and an another rigged as the Lulworth Range Safety Boat. I have converted the power unit to two Decaperm motors with separate Electronize speed controlers to give good performance. The hull was built on fibre glass by a professional boat builder – a really strong model (more photos )

Over several years the craft has been reconditioned three times always improving the performance.  Bids between £160 and £180 are required.  However I would listen to any sensible off with the option of some ” extras ” such as a spare new Decaperm motor. Transmitter etc. included.


Lady June Y

Lady June Y – Scottish Fishing Vessel circa 1920: Scale Model in Plastic/Wood complete with all the R/C equipment (transmitter:40 MHZ, receiver: 4-6 channel, 2 crystals). 6 volt Gel Battery. Deck accessories. Boat Stand (Wood). Model has been tried and tested (see photos!) but has had very little use and is therefore is in good to excellent condition.

Length: 100 cms. Beam:30 cms. Draught abt. 10cms.

Offers around £100 


Seafarer of Poole

Seafarer of Poole is a Sea Queen single motor cruiser with good potential and very seaworthy (more photos). say ( £75-80 )

Open to sensible offers (say  £75 – £80 ).




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