DF95 Winter Race 9 : 27th Jan. 2023

DF95 Winter 20223 Series 09

The report by Nigel Burt standing in for Class Captain, Hugh Bates while sunning himself down

11 skippers arrived at a thawed out pond (Hooray!!!!!) the pond was overflowing and cutting off half the carpark and the wind was a moderate northerly and overcast. A course was set 4 – 8 start
6,1,3,6,1,3 finish 5-7 . After 3 races the sun came out but unfortunately did not warm up much and during race 5 Gordon Carter had to retire after an incident with another boat which landed him on the eastern bank and Gordon decided to call it a day as he had got cold which was a shame as he had got a 1st, 2 x 2nds ant a 6 th in the first 4 races. An early coffee break was decided on as Paul Webb had battery problems and John Martins boat was in the trees for a 2nd time during the morning and needed retrieving.

Race winners during the morning was Paul Webb 1 win, John Martin 3 wins, Gordon Carter 1 Win,
Alan Hickman 1 Win and Nigel Burt 3 wins. With the overall winner for the morning being Nigel Burt closely followed by John Martin and 3 rd Alan Hickman.

More mornings like this please with a good breeze blowing down the pond but a bit warmer would
be good.

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