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View video taken at Setley Pond

This is a 1/8 scale model of an American Class H1 Unlimited Hydroplane, the model was built using Sarik Hobbies plan. I had attempted this model back in the early 80s but did not have the modelling skills to do it justice. After having to clear-out the loft, I found the part built model and it’s building jig. The part built model was not able to be reused, so was scraped. However the build jig was Ok to be reused for the new build.

The original was designed for a 10cc IC engine. This new model is powered by a brushless motor and Lipo battery.  The model has been made using 2mm lite ply and 1/32 birch ply. Some of the decals came from the USA the remaining were special paint mask made by John Wiles.

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