HMS Belfast (City Class Type 26 Frigate)

HMS Glasgow under construction

Also known as Type 26 frigates, the City Class will comprise of eight ships in total, with the first three HMS Glasgow, Cardiff and Belfast expected to enter the fleet before 2030. A further five ships HMS Birmingham, Sheffield, Newcastle, Edinburgh and London will join after 2030.


My new warship project is of the latest Royal Navy Frigate  HMS Belfast, the model is based on Scale Warship 1/96 GRE hull. I took delivery of the first hull made by Scale Warship in April 2023, however due a knee injury I could not start building this project until May/June of that year. The project is expected to take three years as the first of the actual ships has only just entered fit-out phase which is expected to take 2 years.

Working closely with John Wills, owner of Scale Warship, has helped both of us in producing an accurate scale model, however as the these ship are still in construction it’s been slow to obtain fine information to complete detailing.

My plan for working functions are as follows

  • Working helicopter hangar door 
  • Fully lighted hangar internals
  • Helicopter to track in and out of the hangar via self engineered mag track system.
  • Radar
  • Main Gun rotating 
  • Working LEDs for the Nav, bridge, main mast nav lights and the mission bay along with the boat bay lights.

I’m currently working with John on the best method to have working Mission bay Doors to open and close with and along with a working mission bay handling system.

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