PS Lotschberg

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Brians Comments:

The paddle steamer “Lötschberg”was built in 1913 and to my knowledge she is still working on the Swiss lakes, for which she was built. At one time, the owners wanted to scrap her, but public protests stopped them. They refurbished her and as I have said, she is still taking tourists around the lakes.

I got the inspiration to build her from a two page picture in an old “Model Boat” magazine – (they do come in useful sometimes). That was all I had to go on, but after looking closely, I realized that the hull was very similar to some plans I had for an Edwardian paddle steamer, so with a bit of tweaking, that’s what I used.

The hull is plank on frame, with fibreglass on the outside and resin on the inside. (I know it’s boring, but hey, don’t knock it, it works for me!).

The paddles are of the feathering type and are driven from a single motor through a worm and wheel gearbox and belted pulleys to the drive axles. I still have some more work to do on the paddles as they are not working to my satisfaction.

Guide price: £300; Contact: scalecaptain@srcmbc.org.uk .

The photos below date from 2007 and 2008.

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