IOM Spring Race 13, 28th May 2024

IOM spr 24 race 13

I woke up this morning to the sound of wind and rain. I texted the skippers who apart from one, agreed tp meet and possibly move on to Rosie Lee if the bad weather persisted. As it was, the rain eased off when we arrived at Setley and after 3 weeks of good breeze, today’s wind was difficult!
Ostensibly the wind was a  southwesterly, however in reality it was confused. Shifting all over the place and blowing anything from a flat calm to the boats unable to go down wind with broaching all over the place.
Seven skippers sailed, Nigel carried on from the previous week by getting consistent top three results, mainly by collecting places going right up the last short beat. He did it too often for it to be luck and when others tried to do similar they got becalmed. Congats to Nigel for winning the day, with John T second and Hugh third.
This was the final race in the Spring Series which has been won by John M, with John B second and John T third.

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