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John MartinJanuary 2, 2024
John MartinJanuary 2, 2024
John MartinDecember 12, 2023Welcome to Setley on Sea, the tide is coming in and has now flooded the car park, with the present rain the tide could well get higher!! We have often said that there is a breeze in the car park and none on the pond, well soon we will be able to sail in the car park. The weather today can only be described as “changeable”. The rain storm I met driving to the pond was horrendous, very wet, windy and with thunder and lighting. On arriving at the pond the rain stopped and the sun came out with a moderate southerly blowing down the pond – it looked idyllic. However as we approached start time the wind moderated, though still sufficient. As the morning progressed, we had everything, sun, hail, heavy rain, thunder, lightning, flat calm and a Setley gale. I did offer to abandon racing when the hail storm came through at 11:30, however the intrepid skippers voted to continue. As far as the racing went, I couldn’t do a thing right and was tempted to lose the result sheet on the way home. As it was, congrats to John T who won the last races to win the day from John B and Martin. I will try to organise wall to wall sunshine for next week when we will also be holding the Jobbo Round the Cans Trophy. See you then. [...]
John MartinOctober 3, 2023  What a day today, beautiful sunshine and a stiff breeze rustling the leaves of the trees behind us while standing on the bank. While it sounds idyllic, it wasn’t – we had a westerly! I realised we may have issues when I was contemplating setting 1 as a windward mark whale Robin was suggesting 6!. The wind was evil, of varying strengths of nothing to a bit more than nothing, it shifted in all directions, often just swirling round in circles. At times I knew there was wind as my sails were flapping, but they just would not set whichever direction the boat was pointing. At one point my boat got a gust from up high, it broached then got entangled with an adjacent boat. I think that was the only bit of wind I had all day. I would have happily lost the race results on the way home! To be fair, everyone found the conditions challenging, and the racing was quite close. Apart from Robin who seemed to have a hotline to the clouds, winning the day with ease, the next places were relatively close with John B just beating Hugh to second place. [...]


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Site AdminFebruary 29, 2024Club Member David Reith took these photos at Setley Pond today, the 29th February 2024.  And guess what… more rain is forecast! The pond has now extended over the banks which are very slippery with sudden drops into deep water. These drops are hidden by the water, do not paddle!  Great care is needed in the vicinity of the pond. Click on the images below to enlarge. [...]
Site AdminJanuary 14, 2024On the 26th December each year the Club surrenders it’s use of Setley Pond in favour of the traditional Boxing Day “Setley Cup Races” which are organised by the Lymington sailing clubs.  You can read all about the 2023 event on the Yachts and Yachting web site. [...]
Site AdminJuly 6, 2023With regard to our Permit to use the Pond  from Forestry England please note the following Rules: Access is now permitted from 07.00 to 19.00 The Rule of 12 remains in place i.e. maximum of 12 boats on the water at any one time. No additional structures or buoys can be placed in the Pond All Vehicles to be parked in designated car parks Please drive slowly to preserve the road Anything brought with you take home No smoking or lighting of fires All members to carry some form of medicine box (a lot of cars come with one, if not a small First Aid Kit is available from most chemists). Forestry England will be monitoring the use of the Pond from time to time. New Information signs have been put up please have a quick read. Committee Members will have a copy of the Permit in their cars when visiting the Pond in case we are asked for proof of use – please refer any such contact to a member of the Committee. [...]
Lorna SoffeApril 6, 2023The Club are advising all members that the road to Setley Pond is now open, it was inspected this morning and cars are now allowed to use the road and Car Park, though the Forestry have said if the weather gets bad and the track deteriorates they may have to close the Road again.   [...]


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We have received an email from Barry Wilson of MacMillan Local Caring in Christchurch. They have been donated this Crusader Yacht for their charity and have asked the Club if any of the members would be interested. If anyone is interested please email Barry at or phone 07951 928597 [...]