Richard Graham Trophy

steering_comp_june_2009The Richard Graham Steering Competition on Sunday, 7th June 2009, was won by Chris Chattaway with a clear round.  Second was Andrew Davis (also clear), and third was Andy Griggs (1 touch). Given the restrictive confines of the Harbour, it was definitely a course that favoured smaller boats! And navigation was made more difficult by a strong, not very warm, southerly wind… Don Scott’s Aurora suffered on both accounts, and Nick Leaper’s large Navy boat could hardly manoeuvre within the Harbour!

Still, Chris Chattaway’s clear round was a masterful achievement… Congratulations Chris!

Places are determined by the number of times a competitor touches buoys or other components of the course (with the lowest number of touches winning!). Where two competitors have the same number of “touches” the one achieving that score in the fastest time is favoured. Most competitors completed two rounds; their best performance of the two is shown in the Table.

Competitor Boat Time Touches
1 Chris Chattaway Small Fishing 2.08 0
2 Andrew Davis HD Launch 2.26 0
3 Andy Griggs Fishing 1.53 2
4 Luke Griggs Small Fishing 2.10 2
5 John Frost Tug 2.53 2
6 Peter Oram Pilot 4.14 2
7 Jake Griggs Large Fishing 1.53 3
8 Lorna Soffe(*) Small Navy 3.24 3
9 Don Scott Large Liner 4.17 3
10 Nick Leaper(*) Large Navy 6.37 10

(*) Lorna and Nick missed the first round.

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