Richard Graham Trophy

The steering competition, held on Sunday 20th July 2014, was won by Scale Captain David McNair-Taylor. Lorna presented David with the Trophy; and David presented: 2nd prize to Chris Chataway; 3rd prize to Andy Davis; the Wooden Spoon to Chris Durham.

Places are decided by the lowest number of faults or the fastest time if more than one competitor has the same number of faults. Each competitor can have up to two runs discarding the worst run.

Place Name Boat Faults Time
1 David McNair-Taylor Yorkshireman 1 4m59s
2 Chris Chataway Trawler 3 3m34s
3 Andy Davis HDML 3 3m53s
4 Alan Ovenden Kustwacht 3 6m06s
5 Nick Leaper Resolve 3 8m31s
6 Steve Watling Trawler 4 3m11s
7 Luke Griggs Cat. 5 1m52s
8 Andy Griggs Cat 5 2m55s
9 Chris Durham MTB 9 11m04s



The “SRCMBC Fishing Club” was in action catching fish from the rapidly drying seasonal pond behind the car park. Several fish, all about 2 to 3 inches, were given a second chance in life by being transferred to the main pond. Several more fish, all about 3 foot long, got away. Finally, Cliff Newell won the “How many Wellies can you fill with Water” competition with a single score.

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