Solent Cup 2014

The steering competition for the Solent Cup, held on Sunday 7th September 2014, was won by Alan Ovenden. The photos show (left to right) Scale Captain David McNair-Taylor presenting Alan with the prize of a bottle of wine (and a cup from which to drink it); and the presentation of prizes to Bob Eaton (2nd) and Andy Davis (3rd).

Places are decided by the lowest number of faults or the fastest time if more than one competitor has the same number of faults. Each competitor can have up to two runs discarding the worst run.


Place Name Boat Faults Time
1 Alan Ovenden Kustwacht 0 4m20s
2 Bob Eaton Geest Bay 2 3m02s
3 Andy Davis HDML 2 3m22s
4 David McNair-Taylor Type 42 2 4m41s
5 Nick Leaper RAF Launch 2 5m05s
6 Chris Durham Tito Neri 5 3m40s


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