Bardot II

Bardot II, ProBoat Volere; model: Peter Taylor

A ProBoat “Volere 22″ RTR model of a Riva type speedboat. This Ready-To-Run model has a superb wooden finish evoking the actual Riva boats and it planes beautifully across the water at speed.

However at only 22” length there is very little space through the “engine hatch” of the model. Although the supplied battery is physically small, there is very little room to insert it past the mounting for the rudder servo and electronics and the latter had been broken loose when I got the model. At 1600mAh the battery is also small in capacity and the running time at speed is somewhat restricted. A spare battery is useful and, rather than buy the Proboat pack, I bought a “8.4V 1600mAh 2/3A NiMH Crane battery AEG, Airsoft 2L” from Vapextech  which is much easier to fit or remove.

Below the water line the hull shape has similarities to my Seafly sailing dinghy with a deep V forward and flat planing area aft. When not on the plane the hull creates a significant bow wave but the widely flared bow of the Riva design keeps the cockpit dry unless the water is choppy! Apparently Rivas get fitted with spray rails to reduce that problem.

Bardot II

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As bought, this RTR model has a Spektrum “Marine” receiver and a pistol grip transmitter. The latter is only 2 channel and single model but is fully adjustable with regard to servo end points, channel reverse, and steering rate. While the receiver is compatible with Spektrum DSM transmitters, the supplied transmitter can only be used with Marine Rx sets – be warned!

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