Spirit, a "Tinkagen" yacht; model: Nigel James

Model: Nigel James…

Spirit is a Tinkagen design of yacht and was built from a Bob Underwood hull moulding. The gaff ketch rig is based on the Bob Underwood sketch received with the hull but with a reduced topsail. The deck and coachroof layout was gleaned from other Tinkagen models I found on the web. On the water she is free of vices and sails well in light winds on full sail. The full sail area is quite large but can be reduced in stages by removing topsail, jib and mizzen in that order. The yacht sails quite happily even when the rig is somewhat ‘unbalanced’.

“Vital statistics:

  • Length – 1300mm (1560 including bowsprit)
  • Beam – 325mm
  • Draft – 230mm
  • Displacement – 15.5Kg
  • Sail area – 0.85 sqm”

Building Spirit was described by Nigel James in the Winter 2013 and Spring 2013 issues of the Club’s Newsletter.

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