Ramp Powered Lighter

Small Tank Landing Craft; model: Nick Leaper

Ramp Powered Lighter (RPL), a small tank landing craft (scratch built from photos and plans); Model: Nick Leaper…
“The model is of a Landing Craft on which I used to work whilst in the British Army circa 1962 – 1966. The type of vessel was known as a RPL – Ramp Powered Lighter. It was a small Landing Craft with accommodation for six, comprising of a tank deck capable of carrying a load of approx. 30 tons. RPL 02 “Bude”, was at Marchwood Military Camp when I was posted there after basic training at Aldershot. Then two years later I was posted to Aden in the Middle East where there were other RPLs and Z Crafts. (A much larger landing craft).”

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