Do we need a proper “Forum”?

ModelBoat Mayhem screenshot

Screen shot of the Model Boat Mayhem forum web page

The idea that the Club Web Site should host a “Forum” has been suggested at more than one Scale Section AGM. My own view is that the Club is too small to benefit from its own forum and it is better for Club members to participate in the established forum on the “Model Boat Mayhem” web site.

However I have created this category into which members can either place new posts – for other members to comment on – or they can comment on an existing post.  The difference between this and a proper forum is that, if you comment on an old post that’s not on the front page, other members may not see your comment!

To place a new post , or comment on an existing one,  you will need to be logged-in which means you need a password.  If you have not got a password yet please email me to get one!

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  1. David Reith says:

    As I’ve said before we are lucky to have you giving your time to this club facilities.
    Some other association I’m a member of, have been struggling with just adding current show reports.
    I think it would be good to have a forum, but it will take time to get up and running. Also will require the support of all current club members to make it a success.

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