Solent Cup Steering Competition

The Steering Competition for the Solent Cup was held on Sunday 15th May in glorious conditions, brilliant sunshine, little wind and calm water. A new course was used which was enlarged to use all of the car park end of the lake. The course proved challenging for the 11 entrants taking part using boats of all types. There were no clear rounds and the event was won by Alan Bond with 2 faults (4.18 mins), second Andy Davis 2 faults (4.25), third John Andrews 3 faults.

Steering Comp Course

Solent Cup Course 2016

The remaining positions:
4th David McNair- Taylor
5th Dave Reith
6th Steve Watling
7th Chris Chattaway
8th John Wills
9th John Andrews (steam launch)
10th John Tybjerg
11th Bob Eaton (retired with technical problem )